SBF is a leader in the payroll industry and has been for over a decade. SBF was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1998 and currently processes payroll for thousands of companies all over the United States. The corporate headquarters are still located in downtown Santa Barbara while new franchise locations continue to open every year. Please see our opportunities page to find out more about how you can own and operate your own SBF Payroll franchise.


As a business owner we know you are probably busy and may not realize the sheer number of rules and regulations you may have to worry about such as tax filing requirements, electronic tax payments and new hire reporting regulations.

Allow the payroll professionals at SBF to handle these tasks for you. Payroll is our expertise, therefore, we are always abreast of changes in tax laws, filing requirements, reporting, deadlines and all details revolving around the payroll process. Outsource what you can and focus on results.


Less Overhead
Join the thousands of business owners who have switched to SBF and saved up to 60%.

Without perfect accuracy, the IRS can impose costly fines! Unlike other payroll services, SBF assigns one payroll professional to your account who ensures accuracy every step of the way.

Rest at ease knowing your payroll processor is familiar with all the specific details that make your payroll unique.

Simply provide us with your payroll information each pay period via phone, fax, or e-mail and we take care of the rest. We can even e-mail your payroll reports directly to your accountant each pay period or at the end of each quarter.

Easy Transition
Switching to SBF for your payroll processing is simple. We will send you a short list of items we need to set up your company. Simply e-mail or fax the requested items to us and you are on your way.